Freedom to Create. Freedom to Build.

Starting now, the Nutanix Developer Portal will have something new. In addition to our blog and API reference, we’re going to publish an ever-expanding set of workshops, labs and tutorials.

If you have an idea for a lab or workshop, please get in touch!

Automation Labs

The automation labs take common tasks and show how they can be quickly automated using Nutanix.
Cloud-Init & NutanixLearn how to use Nutanix Acropolis & Cloud-Init to quickly deploy a VM with pre-defined configuration.

Monitoring Labs

The custom dashboard labs create ground-up web applications based on popular technologies.
PHP dashboardUse the Nutanix REST APIs to build a custom dashboard based on Laravel PHP.
Python Flask dashboardUse the Nutanix REST APis to build a custom dashboard based on Python Flask.

Application Labs

Application labs build ground-up applications based on various languages and technologies.
Microsoft C# Windows Forms LabUse Microsoft C# to build a Windows Forms Application, integrating the Nutanix REST APIs.

Product Labs

The product labs are specifically written to give our developer community a way of learning and testing Nutanix products. Instead of focusing on a broad range of features, these labs focus on the features relevant to developers.
Calm Lab 1.0Intended for those that want to deploy an application from scratch, this lab will take you from an empty blueprint to a complete functioning application. See how your scripts can be integrated in seconds while retaining complete control over deployment order and practices.

Xi IoT Labs

The Xi IoT labs are designed to give you hands-on experience with the Nutanix Xi IoT platform and aim to provide real-world examples of how the platform could be used.
Xi IoT - Facefeed ApplicationDeploy an application called “Facefeed” using the Xi IoT SaaS control plane and ingest an RTSP video stream to detect known faces.
Xo IoT - Quick Start for AI InferenceUse the Nutanix Xi IoT trial to learn how to quickly develop and test IoT applications in the cloud for seamless deployment to the edge.