Creating a CI/CD Pipeline with Nutanix Calm and Jenkins
Written by Michael Haigh, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nutanix   As a developer or administrator, you’re likely aware of the value that Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery provide your business. But you’re also likely aware of the challenge of configuring your testing and deployment automation, which is critical to a successful CI/CD model. However, ...
Why You Should Attend Developer Day at .NEXT 2019
With the announcement of Developer Day at .NEXT Anaheim in May, you may be asking yourself, “why should I attend?” Developer Day is an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge of Nutanix APIs and connect with others. All participants will be given the opportunity to hear from Nutanix engineers, product managers and leaders then … Continued
Nutanix Cloud Native and Calm: Better Together! Part II
Previously we covered importing a Calm Blueprint into your own environment, modifying the necessary fields to customize it, and then deploying a fully functional Nutanix Cloud Native application with Nutanix Calm. Today we’re diving into the architecture of the blueprint. Era Nutanix Era is a database management solution that that automates the provisioning and protectio...
Ready, Set, LAB!
Ready, set … what? With the release of our shiny new API Reference, we’ve decided to accompany it with a new (and small, for now) collection of lab resources. These labs were written primarily for use at events like .NEXT on Tour, but we’ve also decided it makes total sense to make the labs available. … Continued
New API Reference is LIVE!
Those familiar with the Nutanix Developer Portal will be familiar with how the Nutanix REST API documentation used to look. From a public documentation perspective, little had changed for some time. Over the past few months we’ve been doing a lot of work in the back-end of the Developer Portal and are pleased to announce … Continued
Developer Day at .NEXT 2019 Anaheim, CA May 7th, 2019
Are you working with Nutanix APIs? Are you trying to figure out how to fully leverage the power of your Nutanix systems through automation and cloud-native technologies? Just curious to see what Nutanix APIs can do? Then Developer Day is for you! Hear from the actual developers of Nutanix software and APIs—and best of all, … Continued
.NEXT Customer Awards
#NEXTconf is taking over Anaheim May 7th – 9th and we’re looking forward to hosting our fourth annual .NEXT Customer Awards! We want to recognize all the work our customers have put in towards advancing their organization at our NEXT Americas 2019 event. The nomination period for the .NEXT 2019 customer awards is now open … Continued
Getting performance stats with the Nutanix API v2.0
One of the most common questions I get from my Nutanix colleagues, as well as customers and partners, is “How do I use the Nutanix APIs to get performance statistics?” Before we get started, please note this post is the second part in a two-part mini series. The first part, which is a recommended read … Continued
Nutanix API versions – What are they and what does each one do?
Nutanix API Intro When discussing the Nutanix APIs, it is important to consider the different versions that are available.  Let’s take a look at the versions that are available today.  As an intro, here is how Nutanix describes these APIs: “The Nutanix REST APIs allow you to create scripts that run system administration commands against … Continued
Nutanix Cloud Native and Calm: Better Together!
Written by Michael Haigh, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nutanix Previously we covered how easy it is for developers and administrators to deploy an application onto Nutanix Cloud Native due to its adherence to open API standards.  We deployed an Oscar e-commerce site, backing it with containers running on Nutanix Karbon, a PostgreSQL database cloned by … Continue...