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XI IoT API Reference

The Nutanix Xi IoT Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to simplify edge computing and cloud infrastructure management.

Nutanix Xi IoT provides a fully managed edge-computing platform to build and deploy applications at planet scale. It provides a full software stack consisting of managed platform services such as Containers, Function, AI inferencing, and data services like in-memory Pub-Sub Kafka and Elastic Search, all as a service.

You can use the Xi IoT platform to manage your edge computing infrastructure and the life cycle of applications running on it.

Xi IoT provides a rich set of APIs to accomplish these key goals. Infrastructure administrators can automate a variety of tasks (like creating and updating edges, managing physical infrastructure resources and role based access control). Developers can use APIs to integrate Xi IoT with their CI/CD pipelines, and deploy applications, functions and data pipelines.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Accepts: application/json
  • Responds with: application/json

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